Sweet Life

I am a lover of Life <3

#nowwatching War and Peace (1956) 

ASOS couple sandals ♡ #asos #mango #topman (at Padi House Mahkota Cheras)
Congratulations to Kenneth and Alena! May you both carry the joy of this happy day close to your heart as you both journey the road of life together. Thank you so much for inviting all of us to your wedding, we had a lot of fun and it was very memorable to be part of your big day ;) ♡ (at Church of St. Francis Xavier)
HELLO RIO! Amazing view from the Pão de Açúcar aka Sugarloaf Mountain, Brazil. Thank you Darren for taking this photo! Having fun with Xia and Darren, Trio Rio De Janeiro! :D #brazil #riodejaneiro
Figuring which geisha to put as a yakuza tatoo for my leading lady in my collage poster.
Sending Daddy off to travel the world. Daddy, remember to come in my dreams and tell me the wonders of the other countries that the ocean has brought you to and all the interesting people you meet along the way! This was your last wish and we had fun making it come true :) ♡  (at Port Klang)
So excited with the Julie biscuit mascot and the LINE bear :) Top and cardigan from @playboutique #playboutique #ucsi  (at UCSI South Wing)
The beautiful sunset at Chitra Pournami Vilaa temple :) Had a great impromptu roadtrip with King Julius, Ironman, and Lengzai Kor Kor ♡#selangor  (at Bukit Rotan, Kuala Selangor)
Visual Communication class was super fun today! Mr. James asked us to come up with a poster about bad habits and here it is! Had a great time brainstorming for ideas and getting our hands dirty with the charcoal. Fun day! #art #ucsi  (at UCSI South Wing)
These tiny monsters gives us, teachers, the worst headache yet can appear so cute and adorable. My weekends are now dedicated to all these little humans. This is my favourite mushroom lengzai, Hao Xuan ♡